Friday, May 18, 2007

The eggs of the golden apple...

A rock.....

What is that???

Year 1901....


Golden Apple Snail-rice pest; lays bright red eggs; looks like a golden apple; known as "kuhol"
Stem Borer-
major rice pest; lays egg at the base of rice stalk; upon hatching, larvae bores into stems and feeds on its nutrients rendering the rice malnourished and useless
Maya-common bird; feeds on rice grains; most practical control method is by scaring them
Rats-common rice pests; feeds on rice grains
Aquaculture-integration of fishes with rice farming
Multi-Animal Single-Roof System-a concept aimed at improving farm efficiency by providing a ready source of fertilizer and a practical way to convert biomass into fertilizer; maximizes farm space
Biomass-biodegradable materials
SPSS-program used to calculate the results of surveys